High Density Cartridge Heaters can be used to heat up many different applications. It’s used to heat dies, molds, sealing bar etc. This Heater fits Inside the cavity perfectly and help to heat solids very quickly.High Density Cartridge Heaters can also be made within built in thermocouple for more heat controlling accuracy. Itcan be made in various diameters andlengths.It can also be made with customized Heating lengths, variable wattages and dedicated cold zones. It is very efficient in heat transfer as it is highly compressed.

Terminal Option

  • Square bar Head
  • 90° Exit.
  • L Type connection,
  • Braided Wire Connection,
  • Direct inside wires Connection.
  • Flange Mounting at Tip.


  • Die casting
  • Extrusion line
  • Packaging Machines.
  • Rubber Molding
  • Paper embossing Machines
  • Screen Changers
  • PreformMolds,
  • Adhesive Melting.
  • Textile Industries.