S.S. Screens

Extruder Screen are of mainly 2 types Single Layer & Multi Layer. They are designed and cut according to the requirements of the Customer.  Extruder Screen are available in many Mesh Ranges. They can even be spot welded to form multiple layers for precise filtration. Extruder Screens are made in round shape , oval shapes , candle type filters , side ring filters etc. Extruder Screen are Made up of various metals.


  • Plastic Reprocess
  • Masterbatch
  • Additive Filtration
  • Paint & Pigments, Filtration
  • Oil heating
  • Hot Air Banks
  • Furnaces Etc.

Sheath Options

  • S.202
  • S 304
  • S.304L
  • S.316
  • S. 316L
  • Mild Steel