Finned Tubular heaters can be used in air like in ducts, hot air generation, etc. Spiral Finns of various sizes and sheath options are assembled on tubular heaters for better air flow stream. The Finns are available in mild steel galvanized coated and Stainless-Steel option. Finned Tubular Heater are mostly used in Ducts,Dryers, ESP Hopper Heaters, Etc. as Finns are inserted on the Tubular heaters it increases the surface area for the air and results in better , fast heat transferring capability. It also helps in improving the life of the heating element.


  • HVAC Heaters
  • Oven Heaters
  • ESP Hopper Heaters
  • Precipitator Heaters
  • Hot Air Banks

Sheath Options

  • S.
  • S.310
  • S 316
  • S.321
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Incoloy 800
  • Incoloy 600